UIC welcomed almost 1800 new undergraduate students to move into the dormitories from 7 to 9 September. After registration, they embarked on a new journey of liberal arts education.

The changes that occurred in 2020 have resulted in the world adapting and implementing pandemic preventions. For the enrolment of the freshmen, UIC ensured a smooth but safe procedure by having students register in batches based on their divisions and majors. UIC has made careful arrangements in all aspects.


Upon entering UIC, staff and volunteers assisted the freshmen with carrying their luggage directly to the dormitory. This year, the dormitory lobby set up a temperature testing system where students had to have a temperature test conducted before being allowed to enter.

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Parents were not able to come on to campus this year due to the new measures in place. For many students, it was their first real test of learning and living independently.



From 8 to 9 September, the 2020 freshmen were registered in the University Hall and the Administration Building in batches according to their majors, which officially led them to become members of UIC.


UIC, with the help of student volunteers, will hold a series of welcome activities for new students to participate in such as tutor care programmes, intensive English courses, etc, as a way for the students to adapt to the study life of the university as soon as possible.





Students embark on a new journey

Huang Hui is a freshman majoring in Accounting who graduated from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Secondary School. She participated in the UIC Campus Open Day during high school and was deeply attracted by UIC's internationalisation, using English as the medium of instruction, as well as Whole Person education.

Huang Hui claimed that after setting UIC as her goal, she pushed herself and her grades steadily improved. She made a career plan, hoping to achieve entrepreneurship in the future. She said she will try to lay a good business foundation and participate more in practice. Huang Hui hopes that in four years at UIC, she can learn to do things; harvest skills that help me have a good foothold in the society, make like-minded friends and open up new horizons.


Huang Hui

Li Xinzhe, from Tongliao No.5 Senior High School in Inner Mongolia, was deeply attracted by UIC's Media Art and Design Programme. When preparing for the college entrance exam, he printed out photos of UIC’s campus together with the curriculum of Media Arts and Design Programme and stuck them on his desk to inspire him to study hard.

Li Xinzhe explained that painting was something he enjoyed during his leisure time and he hasn’t thought about it as part of his future. He never had professional training, but UIC provided him with the opportunity to pursue his dream. Li Xinzhe is interested in a variety of creations and hopes to learn things in college as well as making a few good friends.


Li Xinzhe

New student Tong Xuhan, from Ningbo Xiaoshi High School, was admitted to Applied Mathematics Programme with excellent results of College Entrance Examination and received a full scholarship. He learned about UIC at the admissions conference and recognised UIC's philosophy and teaching. He was attracted by UIC's Liberal Arts Education, Whole Person education and diverse curriculum.

Most of the students that graduated from UIC chose to return to China after further study abroad and serve the motherland; this scenario suited what Tong Xuhan had planned. From a young age, he loved mathematics, after learning that UIC set up Applied Mathematics programme for the first year, he did not hesitate to apply for this programme and he hopes that after studying systematically and professionally, he will become a multi-thinking talent.


Tong Xuhan

Li Xingru, from Zhuhai Number 2 School, won a special scholarship amongst the Zhuhai freshmen, and her one-time tuition fee was halved in the first academic year. In her eyes, UIC not only allows students to have an international perspective but also helps them pay attention to the fundamental of local culture, which displays a true integration of the East and the West.

Li Xingru has been deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture since she was a child and has the dream of spreading Chinese culture to the world. After entering the Broad-based Admission in Journalism and Communication, she hopes to keep her feet on the ground, gain experience, and realise her dream step-by-step.


Li Xingru

Zhou Shicheng, a freshman majoring in Accounting, won a special scholarship for Hubei freshmen. Due to the pandemic, the teaching of the senior three turned online, which brought some challenges to Zhou Shicheng. When she has problems with her studies, she actively seeks guidance and support from her parents and teachers. Zhou Shicheng believes that UIC can expand students' international perspective.

After enrolling, Zhou Shicheng wants to experience using English as the medium of instruction and the rich campus cultural activities that UIC offers. She set the goal of achieving a scholarship and studying at well-known overseas universities. She explained that UIC is a new beginning, and hopefully, the new platform will help her realise her self-worth.


Zhou Shicheng

Parents Forum

UIC's Four-Point Education focuses on bringing students, the power of schools, families and society to form a full range of care and services for students. Every year when new students begin their college life, UIC hosts a freshman parent forum to provide a platform for parents and the College to communicate.


This year's New Parents Forum is broadcast live via online streaming. At the forum, Prof Tang Tao, President of UIC, who is also a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, briefly introduced UIC's achievements in the areas of talent introduction, campus development, learning and research, as well as the next stage of development goals to parents, and thanked parents who have been enthusiastic about supporting the development of UIC.


President of UIC Prof Tang Tao

President Tang mentioned how he is pleased to see that the growth stories shared by UIC graduates, which are both exciting and diverse. At UIC, they found their areas of interest and development direction, increased their insight, and also broadened the boundaries of the mind. They became more independent, confident, and responsible. They not only found a new starting point for the development but also achieved comprehensive growth, which are the characteristics of liberal arts education.

Provost Prof Chen Zhi, Vice President (Administration) Prof Mao Yaqing, Vice President (Research and Development) Prof Jia Weijia, Associate Vice President (Student Development) Prof Stella Cho and other senior management members, Deans of the Divisions, Programme Directors, as well as relevant teaching and administrative department heads attended the forum, to exchange information on all aspects of UIC.


Group photo of those who attended the forum

Welcoming others

Affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, 73 students from Emerson College and three students from Concordia College were unable to study in the US because of visa and flight issues. Therefore they will study for a semester or possibly a whole academic year at UIC. On 9 September, they also came to UIC to go through the admission formalities, and live and study together with UIC students.



Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Zhang Fan