UIC's Vice President (Research and Development), Dean of Graduate School and Director of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer Office, Prof Jia Weijia delivered a speech on 'Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Their Impacts on Society' to staff and students on 4 November. UIC Registrar Prof Li Jianhui hosted the lecture.

Prof Jia outlined the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and looked forward to the future, which made the audience realise the impact of the application of science and technology on human life and national development and inspired students' deep thinking. 


Prof Jia Weijia delivering the lecture on artificial intelligence


Prof Li Jianhui hosting the lecture

Prof Jia pointed out in his speech that artificial intelligence is brand new computer science, and it is also closely related to philosophy, psychology and other humanities. Since it was conceived in the 1940s, the development of artificial intelligence has not always been plain sailing. It has drowned both expectation and criticism, and finally, become a real science and been widely used in our lives.

In the future, artificial intelligence would bring significant impact on finance, education, government affairs, medical care, smart cities and many other fields. China currently owns a massive data scale and a rich data use environment, which is also the market with a tremendous demand for chips in the world. However, China's high-end chips still depend on imports; thus, opportunities and challenges coexist.


Prof Jia also introduced that the development goal of AI in China is to become the main centre of global artificial intelligence innovation by 2030, and this is inseparable from the cultivation of AI talents. Now many outstanding Chinese talents are studying in foreign countries, and Prof Jia hoped UIC students could serve their home country with knowledge when finishing their studies.

During the Q&A session, Prof Jia discussed the relationship between science and technology and ethics with the students. 



Prof Jia interacting with the audience during the Q&A session


Photographers: Ben Wen, Liu Yong, Wang Jiaqi
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Xia Meng