Graduation 2021: Reaching for the stars

UIC held its 13th graduation ceremony on 30 June. More than 1,500 undergraduates and 370 graduates of the Class of 2021 set sail on a new journey. In addition, it was the first time that a special session has been held for graduate students. Their relatives and friends shared the joy through a live video stream.


Vice Chairman of Peking University Council, Dean of Peking University HSBC Business School and former Vice President of Peking University, Prof Hai Wen, and President and Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University, Prof Alexander Wai, shared their wisdom as guests of honour and congratulated the graduates on their new journey at the ceremony. President of UIC and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof Tang Tao, hopes that the graduates will not forget their original aspirations, set sail in the wind, and move steadily towards their future.


As of June, undergraduate graduates who chose to pursue further studies have been accepted by famous institutes such as Imperial College London, University College London, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Yale University, University of Edinburgh, Columbia University, and the University of Hong Kong. Students who have chosen to pursue a career have joined one of the Big four accounting firms, ByteDance, Alibaba, Gree Electrics, and other well-known companies.

"You serve society best by knowing yourself."

Prof Hai Wen said in his speech that UIC and Peking University HSBC Business School have many similarities. "UIC and my Business School share a few things in common: First, we are both located in the Greater Bay Area, with a foothold in the future in this great country and this innovative century. We also share something else: we both have a vibrant global subculture, bringing the best of East and West to our students."


Prof Hai delivers a speech to the UIC graduates

Prof Hai Wen hopes that the graduates will learn to introspect and know, grow in practice, learn from their mistakes, have self-reflection, discover their uniqueness and creativity, maintain lifelong learning, and transform their self-worth into social value to better serve society. (Read more: Speech by Guest of Honour Prof HAI Wen )

Be a Renaissance man

Prof Alexander Wai explained that UIC and HKBU adhere to whole-person education to enable students to develop in an all-around way. He said that liberal arts education gives students the facts and knowledge they will need. However, it also provides students with the necessary qualities, such as resilience, flexibility, and creativity, to thrive and cope with whatever is thrown at them in this new era.


"As you move into a new post-university phase, think about what is most important to you and the best way to lead a dignified and meaningful life. Apart from getting a good job or earning your first pot of gold, ponder the kind of role you want to play amidst these problems and challenges," said Prof Wai. (Read more: Speech by Guest of Honour Prof Alexander WAI)

Embrace a life of adventure and tap the possibilities

UIC President Tang Tao said to the graduates: "As UIC graduates, you have the benefit of both a national and international education, with your Chinese roots and your global vision. With this bifocal vision, you can spot opportunities better than anyone. You are young and can afford to take risks and go where your parents or predecessors have never gone before."


President Tang also looked forward to the future of UIC together with the graduates. The second phase of the campus is the future development for UIC's liberal arts education. UIC will also work towards building a century-old campus, integrating with the surrounding ancient villages and towns, and creating a university town with historical cultural heritage and a sense of technology and fashion. He hopes that graduates can continue to pay attention to the development of their alma mater, help the expansion of liberal arts education, and jointly build a first-class liberal arts university. (Read more: President Tang Tao's Address to the Graduates)


Setting sail on new journey

At the graduation ceremony, UIC Provost Prof Chen Zhi, awarded graduation certificates to the students. In addition, the deans of various Divisions and the Graduate School issued souvenir yearbooks to the graduates.


Provost Prof Chen Zhi awards the graduation certificate


Prof Huang Huaxiong, Vice President (Academic) and Dean of Division of Science and Technology with a graduate


Prof Jia Weijia, Vice President (Research and Development) and Dean of Graduate School, with a graduate


Prof Adrian Bailey, AVP (Internationalization) and Dean of Division of Humanities and Social Sciences with a graduate


Prof Steve Liu, Dean of Division of Business and Management, with a graduate


Prof Holger Briel, Dean of Division of Culture and Creativity, with a graduate

Students' delight

Chen Yingtong, an Accounting graduate, delivered a speech as a representative of the graduates. She said that students from different countries and different majors cooperate at UIC, share ideas, study together, and participate in interdisciplinary projects. In addition, UIC's courses enable students to use the knowledge and skills they have learned to build their knowledge system, and whole-person education trains people who are all-around development and good at thinking.


Chen Yingtong

International Journalism graduate, Han Minxuan, shared his four years of experience at UIC. He said that UIC provides a platform to realise the "impossible" and an inclusive and friendly academic atmosphere. As a result, the students have grown up in a wealth of practical activities. After four years of training, the graduates have become well-equipped and are full of enthusiasm for the uncertainties and challenges of the future.


Han Minxuan

Food Science and Technology graduate, Chen Yang, explained that the students' stories and experiences are ladders that make it easier for them to touch the sky and catch the stars. UIC provides students with many opportunities to discover their potential and enthusiasm. After graduation, they will continue to unleash your potential and realise your ideal ambitions.


Chen Yang

Fei Bo, a Master of Arts in Communication (Film and New Media Production Management Specialisation) graduate, explained that the graduates are about to embark on a new journey in life, with a deep affection for their alma mater. He believes the graduates will now set sail and live up to the teacher's expectations, display their talents on the broad stage of society, and write a chapter of youth worthy of the times and worthy of UIC.


Fei Bo

Zhai Bojuan, a graduate of Communication, gave a speech where she commented how she had changed at UIC. She almost failed to graduate when studying for her Bachelor's degree; however, when she came to UIC to study a postgraduate, she truly studied hard. She explained how she achieved an excellent grade and found a great internship at a German conglomerate company, Siemens. "I never thought I could work in an international company before. Suddenly, my whole life has been changed, and it started right here at UIC, I have become super confident and passionate, and I strongly believe I now own my future."

Zhai Bojuan

Vice President of Beijing Normal University, Director of Management Committee of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai and President of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, Mr Wang Shoujun; Deputy Director of Management Committee of Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University, Prof Fu Ailan; Member of Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of Management Committee of Zhuhai High-tech Zone, Mr Zhou Huogen; Professor of Management Department of the School of Business Administration of Hong Kong Baptist University and Deputy Director of the Doctor of Business Administration, Prof Wei Liqun; Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Assistant Dean of the HSBC Business School of Peking University, Ms Zhang Fanshan; and other distinguished guests attended the graduation ceremony.


Reporter: Samuel Burgess

Editors: Deen He, Zhang Fan

Last Updated:July 2, 2021