UIC achievements highlighted in global academic rankings

Published on 17 June 2024

Academic website of global influence ScholarGPS has released lists of Highly Ranked Scholars, on which UIC Provost Prof Patrick Chau, Head of Department of Life Sciences Prof Xu Baojun, Prof Wang Qing-Guo of Department of Computer Science were selected to the lists of Highly Ranked Scholar.

The website also announced the Institutional Rankings in Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties, in which UIC was ranked 44th in the world and 15th in China in the discipline of Food Science and Technology.

ScholarGPS is an online platform for analyzing scholarly activity. It provides a global compilation of metadata corresponding to over 200 million archival publications (journal papers, books, book chapters, conference papers, and patents). The ScholarGPS database includes over 30 million academic, industrial, and governmental scholars from 55,000 institutions. In addition to the profiles of individual scholars, the research output and rankings of over 15,000 academic institutions in over 200 countries are provided.

Prof Patrick Chau was ranked 21st globally on the Lifetime list of Information management. Prof Xu Baojun was chosen for the Prior 5 Years List in multiple fields, including Agriculture and Natural Resources and Food Science and Technology, and was ranked 8th in the Discipline of Food Science and Technology. He was also listed on the Lifetime List in the Specialty of Antioxidant. Prof Wang Qing-Guo was selected for the Lifetime lists of PID controller and Control theory, and was ranked 6th in the Specialty of PID controller.


Prof Patrick Chau


Prof Xu Baojun


Prof Wang Qing-Guo

In the Academic Institutional Rankings - Food Science and Technology - Prior Five Years, UIC was ranked 44th among 73 universities, of which 21 were in China. In 2023, UIC's Food Science and Technology Programme entered the list of the world's top 1% discipline of Agricultural Sciences (including Food Science) declared by Clarivate's statistics of ESI (Essential Science Indicators).


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Editor: Deen He

Updated on 18 June 2024