[People of UIC] Zhao Chengyu: Poised for advanced economics study at UChicago

Published on 17 June 2024

Zhao Chengyu, a student of UIC's Faculty of Business and Management, has received an offer to study in the Master of Arts Programme in Social Sciences – Economics at the University of Chicago. Zhao has a strong interest in economics and appreciates that UIC's curriculum aligns well with international standards, and values UIC's unique liberal arts education that focuses on interdisciplinary studies and industry frontiers.

During his first year at UIC, Zhao was introduced to economics by Dr Chow Wai Yip. He found Dr Chow's emphasis on logical thinking beneficial and took three more courses taught by him. In his second year, he was inspired by Dr Shi Hao's illustration of the logic in economics, which deepened his appreciation for the logic inherent in economics.


Zhao Chengyu with Dr Chow Wai Yip


Zhao Chengyu with Dr Shi Hao

Zhao excelled academically, earning scholarships and achieving an IELTS score of 7.5. His GPA ranked first in his major during the 2023 academic year. When talking about study methods, he believes preparing for the GRE is crucial for applying to top American universities, and he suggests students adopt systematic review strategies, including mastering frequently tested vocabulary words.


Zhao Chengyu at UIC's Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

Zhao Chengyu prepares for the GRE

He completed internships at Guangzhou Saifu Hengyin Asset Management Co., Ltd., and China Securities Co., Ltd where he applied theories learned such as asset pricing theory and investment decision curves into practice. Driven by a passion for knowledge and academia, Zhao aims to further explore the mysteries of economics during advanced studies in America.


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photos provided by Kristin Jin and the interviewee

Editor: Deen He

Updated on 18 June 2024