[People of UIC] FBM graduates explore business world and beyond

Published on 7 June 2024

With passion and ambition, students of the Faculty of Business and Management are ready to set sail for their further study.

Han Yutong, a student of Department of Finance and Economics, has secured an offer from the National University of Singapore.

Her unique study method using mind maps and study plans has contributed to her outstanding academic records. With outstanding performance, she won national scholarships during her four-year study at UIC.

Han Yutong (fourth from left) receives the National Scholarship

Benefiting greatly from UIC's liberal arts education, she has honed her leadership and teamwork skills by organising financial seminars and exchange activities in clubs. Her internships at Kantar and China Venture Capital Co., Ltd deepened her understanding of risk investment and the finance industry.

She aims to work in strategic investment in the future, helping others make wise investment decisions by analyzing market trends, industry dynamics, and company performance.

Wu Shuwen of the Department of Management is admitted by the University College London. Reflecting on her four years here, she believes choosing UIC was wise, as the Greater Bay Area, where it's located, provides many resources for her learning and entrepreneurship.

Balancing study, entrepreneurship, and business competitions led to fruitful results including winning several awards in business competitions. She also gained rich entrepreneurial experience by creating a job-seeking platform, operating an online food-ordering community, and attempting to open a restaurant in Macao.

Wu Shuwen wins the first prize in a university marketing competition organised by Coca-Cola Zhuhai

In the future, Wu will maintain her passion for learning and curiosity to explore unknown fields while applying what she has learned to solve real-world problems in response to changing societal needs.

Wu Wenshuang of Department of Finance and Economics found herself at home in UIC's interdisciplinary curriculum. She gained a lot from learning environmental economics, real estate physical economics, green urban studies, media production, art experience and others. This broad education fostered her critical thinking skills and self-growth.

Her interest in environmental economics led her to join a project named "WeChair", from which she learned about recycling business processes. To further integrate theory with practice, she became the research assistant of Prof Chang Zheng which solidified her foundation for future research work.

Group photo of the "WeChair" project

In the future, Wu hopes to explore a wider world at Columbia University and encourages juniors to plan clearly and adjust their attitudes for steady progress.

Li Xiang chose to study accounting at UIC after high school, and now she plans to go to the University of Hong Kong for further study. During her four years, she received numerous awards and scholarships with her special learning method: regularly organizing content from textbooks, lectures, and external resources into mind maps for "second-time self-learning".

When asked about her greatest gain at UIC, Li valued the mentors and friends she made, who helped clarify her strengths and weaknesses so that she could make more comprehensive future decisions.

Li Xiang and teammates win second prize at the Accounting and Business Knowledge Competition

In UIC's liberal arts environment, Li broadened her horizons significantly experiencing a colourful university life while developing good habits. In the future, she plans to continue breaking boundaries in accounting towards lifelong learning.


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photos provided by the interviewees

Editor: Deen He

Updated on 11 June 2024
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