[People of UIC] Meet Prof Liu Wenbin: Building a unique future-oriented business division

Describing UIC as a unique university that is full of vitality, Prof Steve Liu Wenbin is confident and ready to engage as the new Dean and chair professor of the Division of Business and Management (DBM). Prof Liu explained how he noticed how many teachers and students love UIC from the bottom of their hearts and are proud of it.


Prof Steve Liu Wenbin

UIC's modern and beautiful campus, full of vigour, innovation and vitality, and the combination of internationalisation and tradition give Prof Liu a fresh feeling. Prof Liu believes that having a modern and new atmosphere gives UIC the advantage. With new thinking, new vision, and a new pattern, the future will reach new heights. The speed of development and the efficiency of the staff has provided Prof Liu with a profound feeling.

Prof Liu earned his PhD degree from the University of Leeds, England. He began his academic career at Central South University, China, and taught successively at Imperial College, England from 1991 to 1994, followed by the University of Kent, England since 1995. With a wealth of experience in administration and management, he was appointed as the Head of Management Science Sector of Kent Business School and the Director of the Joint Research Centre for Anglo-Chinese Business and Management.


Regarding the future development of the Division of Business and Management, Prof Liu explained that the DBM has an excellent international foundation in curriculum and teaching, but with the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies, society and industry will undergo rapid changes. In the future, more talents with innovative thinking and cross-domain knowledge are needed.

Introduce high-end talents

Prof Liu believes that the introduction of talents is still the top priority. In the future, DBM will increase its efforts to introduce internationally-renowned professors to improve the level of teaching and research further. Currently, DBM has newly introduced two chair professors, which Prof Liu hopes that in the future, there will be one or two chair professors in each subject to encourage the growth of students and young teachers.


Prof Liu (right) presenting students with certificates for the vlog and video competition

Develop new programmes

Prof Liu said that the digital economy would become a new important growth point for China's economy, and the country will urgently require talents in this area in the future. DBM will set up several related majors, such as Big Data and Management and Digital Media Management.

Expand the exchange circle

Prof Liu explained that DBM would further expand the exchange circle in the future, carry out multi-level cooperation with more outstanding universities and institutions at home and abroad. Also, he would like to provide more resources for the training of students and the development of scientific research.


In August 2020, the International Business Management Evaluation Center was established

Enhancing the learning experience of students

To provide students with more internship opportunities and entrepreneurial support, DBM has set up a "New Media Practice Base" in the UIC Industrial-University Research Collaboration Centre, equipped with advanced live broadcast and recording equipment. Prof Liu said that learning new business modes, such as new media e-commerce, can bring more practical experience to students.

In addition, an enterprise senior management training and development centre of the DBM was officially established in early September this year. The centre will develop cutting-edge training courses to meet the training needs of middle and senior management personnel in enterprises.


Prof Liu (first row, fourth from right) with some alumni and faculty members of DBM

Prof Liu called himself a particularly curious person, who likes new things. He also hopes that UIC's education can cultivate students' spirit of exploration and innovation, and possess independent thinking, extensive knowledge and noble character.


Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Covee Wang

21 December 2020
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