Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, known as UIC, represents an unprecedented collaboration in higher education between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, and a champion of modern liberal arts education. Our journey commenced in 2005, guided by the visionary leadership of President Professor NG Ching-Fai and President Professor TANG Tao. UIC, a youthful and vibrant university, has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the philosophy of liberal arts education throughout its nearly two decades of operation. It has garnered widespread recognition for we nurture well-rounded individuals who possess specialised knowledge, comprehensive qualities, and a deep understanding of China with a global perspective.

At the heart of our institution is a faculty of exceptional calibre. Their qualifications are impressive, with 90% of those from the departments holding doctoral degrees from prestigious universities around the globe. In addition to their remarkable achievements, they have a strong sense of professional ethics, a solid foundation in their disciplines and a wealth of teaching experience. They bring to UIC a mindset that is as international as it is innovative. Committed to excellence in teaching and learning, we strive to attract the most outstanding educators, foster a student-centred learning environment, and encourage vigorous interactions between students and teachers.

UIC has been a cradle of talent. Our graduates are highly regarded by employers and universities worldwide. As we look forward, we will continue to optimise teaching and learning methods, providing our students with a diverse and enriching educational experience to stay competitive in this rapidly changing world.

From 2018 to 2022, I had the privilege of serving as UIC’s Vice President (Academic) and Provost. Now, I am deeply honoured to assume the role of its third President. I am keenly aware of the immense responsibility entrusted to me and sincerely committed to meeting the expectations and support of our faculty, students, alumni and stakeholders within the UIC community.

In this new era, we will focus on innovation-driven development and cultivating a highly professional faculty. We will prioritise the growth of science and engineering disciplines, advance frontier fields of research, and solidify our areas of expertise. We will promote academic exchanges and foster global engagement. Furthermore, we will enhance collaboration with our two parent universities and provide a diverse international platform for our faculty and students. As a university rooted in the Greater Bay Area, UIC will steadfastly advance our goal of becoming a premier liberal arts university in the world.

To all aspiring individuals, near and far, we extend a warm invitation. Join us in experiencing an innovative liberal arts education and making significant contributions to higher education together.

CHEN Zhi, Chair Professor

President of UIC

Fellow of HKAH